Jimmy St. Louis on training, 3FU3L, and aspiring to do things differently

Rachael Colacino

My name is Jimmy St. Louis. First i’d like to start with telling all of you that it is an honor to have the chance to share my story with you. I am a family man, business owner, former professional…


Why You Should Be Taking Your Protein Before Working Out

Spend some time on old-school bodybuilding forums, and you will find the question of pre-workout nutrition is as hotly debated as the question of whether that dress was blue or gold, and a lot of that controversial nutrient timing “wisdom”…


Betaine: The Performance-Boosting Micronutrient You Need to Know

A new performance-boosting micronutrient is finally getting the notice it deserves. We’re talking about betaine, a naturally occurring micronutrient that’s becoming increasingly popular among weightlifters and functional athletes of all stripes. The compound is now showing up in protein powders,…


3CARB Easy Smoked Chicken from Thomas Cox

Rachael Colacino

From 3FU3L Athlete Thomas Cox and his meal planning service, MealFit, we bring you this recipe for 3CARB Easy Smoked Chicken. This is great for active working parents or for those who like to plan ahead. Ingredients: 1 whole chicken, 3-4 lbs…


As a new Mom and an athlete, 3FU3L is a lifesaver

Rachael Colacino

By Jessie Jo Young, Team 3FU3L Athlete This past April, I had my first baby. I was crossfitting* during my entire pregnancy, and even then 3FU3L was a lifesaver. I used 3FU3L prior to workouts and would put a scoop…


Addicted to the challenge: the training journey of 3FU3L Athlete Trevor James

Rachael Colacino

From some point of views I could be considered a CrossFit “OG.” My first experience with CrossFit was in 2008 where a buddy and I were taking dumbbells to the park and using a taped-up pull-up bar to kip pull-ups….


Stop blaming lactate for your lack of endurance

Rachael Colacino

The short story of Lactate, the most misunderstood molecules/hormones/signaling mechanisms/intermediates of all time By Dr. Andy Galpin, Ph.D., Professor at the Center for Sport Performance at California State University, Fullerton, Director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory, and Member of…


This is Hard Core: The Four Horsemen of the Anatomical Core

Rachael Colacino

By Cody Wayne Burkhart, Team 3FU3L Athlete, Power Speed Endurance Master Coach, and NASA Engineer Here in the northern hemisphere summer is upon us; and as the temperatures rise, the layers start to fall off. Vanity becomes the new black…


3Carb – A Carb Like No Other

3Carb is the second product in the 3FU3L family, but it’s hardly new. It’s the carb that we’ve always used in 3FU3L, a special form of waxy maize hydroxypropyl distarch-phosphate. Unlike regular starchy carbohydrates, 3Carb is has been modified into…


Team3F’s Jamie Hagiya – Pro Basketball Player Finds New Love in CrossFit

Kimi Rondon

  Did you know CrossFit athlete Jamie Hagiya is a former D1 basketball player at USC who went on to play pro ball in Europe before becoming one of CrossFit’s adored and admired athletes? To learn more about Jamie’s path…